St. Petersburg without shared apartments is the same as the Hermitage without old watchwomen. Yes, disastrous and native at the same time shared apartments lie behind the splendor of facades in the center of the city.

What is the story of shared apartments emergence in Saint Petersburg? Is it a “laboratory of Soviet totalitarianism” or effective measure for overcoming the crisis, remained from imperial time? Is it only a Russian practice and what are the peculiarities of Petersburg’s shared apartments? Why there is a great number of shared apartments in the city center? Is household daily routine the same as described? We will visit a spacious 8-room apartment, know the local daily life, molding, enfilades, Russian stoves (“pech”) and other curious things. You will know: how the commercial apartment buildings were constructed, the history of shared apartments creation, stories of residents.

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Duration:2 hours

Pick up & drop off: In the city centre. Ask for details our manager.

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Language: any language.

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