World capitals are literally dotted with Masonic symbols, and Petersburg is not an exception.

 In the 18th century, the brotherhood of free masons attracted associates of the Russian monarchs and some emperors with their ideas.  We will see Masonic signs on the buildings of St. Petersburg, learn about their origin and purpose.  We will talk about the famous masons of the imperial times - Kutuzov, Stroganov and many others, and will try to understand the meaning of Soviet symbolism.

 During the tour you will learn about the philosophy of masonry, about how free masons understood the ideal world order and ideal human, will take a look at the Kazan Cathedral as "an example of a Masonic temple” and will find out what was the plan of its brilliant creator A.N. Voronikhin, will talk about the symbols in the architecture of the mysterious Mikhailovsky Castle, find out why Egyptian sphinxes are standing in front of the Academy of Arts, and many more interesting and mysterious stories and facts.

Duration:3 hours

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