"Catherine II, the Great Sovereign,"sovereign man"- these were the names of the woman who was able to use the best from the results of each of her private, local successes, showing a rare ability to step over any constraining circumstances and moral prohibitions. With the name of Catherine  II there are rumors about conspiracies and the tragic death of two Russian emperors.

 Let's try to touch the soul of the one that the Senate awarded the official title of “Mother of the Fatherland”. Over the course of Catherine's lengthy reign, Petersburg conclusively attained the status of a great European capital. During the tour we will see a monument to Catherine, Anichkov Palace, Assignment Bank, Naryshkin House on St. Isaac's Square, Bobrinsky Palace, Academy of Arts, Peter and Paul Fortress, Marble Palace, Saltykov’s House,  Betsky’s House, Mikhailovsky Castle, Tauride Palace, Smolny, Alexander Nevsky Lavra, Neva Embankments, the lattice of the Summer Garden, the Hermitage building.

On the tour, of course, there will be a story about the favorites and close friends of the Empress.  She shared personal experiences with them and trusted matters of national importance.  Catherine II answered the question of how to become Russian, what is the concept of "Russian man".  The Empress once expressed this idea with such words: “I am German by birth and Russian by soul.”

Duration:3 hours

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