During this tour we will discuss the importance of large group of people in our city – people of Islam religion. You can trace the life of Muslims (with regard to their nationality) from the moment when St. Petersburg was founded until present, see the buildings and facilities, directly related to this cultural layer, Cathedral mosque, for example. During the excursion, the myth, that Muslim communities appeared in St. Petersburg after Soviet Dissolution, will be totally dispelled. In fact, the vast majority of Islamic ethnic group settled the banks of Neva at the moment of city’s foundation.

You will have the opportunity to check out the traditional Petersburg’s sights in a different way – the Winter Palace, Russian National Library, University and so on. But the most important in our tour – fates. We will look back at politicians, military officers, scientists, enlighteners, religious activists, and do not forget street cleaners, waiters, sellers.

Duration:3 hours

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Language: any language.

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