St. Petersburg is not by chance called a ghost town. It is believed that the city was built in the anomalous zone of Earth’ break up, that’s why from the day of its foundation it was overflown with miracles.!

This is an exciting  individual journey through the streets and squares of St. Petersburg, for those who want to dig deeper and find out curious and mysterious facts of the city history. Spread by word of mouth, these stories are a blend of facts, mystery, horror and humour. 

The guide will open the veil of enigmatic Engineers’ castle. According to the legend you still can notice a ghost of Paul I with a candle in his hand, going around his castle.

You will reveal a secret of Yusupov palace – the place, connected to one of the most fascinating characters of Russian history - Grigori Rasputin.

The guide will describe the ghosts of Kunstkamera and show you  the famous alchemists’ district, where you will reveal the unexpected and unseen.

You will see famous Sphinxes and know the secret, which they have been keeping for many centuries and many other places!

By the way, If you are not a fan of black magic and don’t want to explore scary places  the guide will show you some places with light magic in Saint Petersburg where you can make a wish:Chizhik-Pyzhik on Fontanka,  Monument after a Hare,  Fountain “Rotating Ball Waterfall,  The Bridge of Kisses,  Bank Bridge and many others.

The city has a wonderful aura indeed, which makes people fall in love with this city once and forever. Come and check it yourself on our tour!

Duration:3 hours

Pick up & drop off: At your chosen destination

Starting  time: At your convenience

Language: any language.

*the price includes English-speaking guide service. Price in the other language may be different.

Price includes:

1 pax on foot
2 pax on foot
3 pax on foot
4 pax on foot
5 pax on foot
1 pax by car
2 pax by car
10 000
3 pax mini van
10 500
4 pax mini van
11 000
5 pax mini van